Forest Management

*20 acre minimum*

  • Whole Tree HarvestWe strive to make use of every inch of the tree
    • Tops are utilized by being chipped for biomass 
    • Makes for a cleaner site after harvest
    • Helps the landowner maximize profits 
  • Cut-to-Length System
    • Trees are cut to a specific length before being transported 
    • Helps prevent soil compaction and need for skidding logs to landings
    • Less damage to remaining trees (during thinning)
    • No need to close down roads/create access roads
    • Higher retention of foliar nutrients within the harvested area
  • Aspen Harvests - great for building wildlife habitats and improving land quality 
  • Tree Plantation/Thinning Operations
  • Shelter Wood Cuts - Thins out the poorer trees
  • Private Timber Sale Cuts
  • Education on Land Preservation from the Forester


  • 11 cords (100" length) firewood, Green Oak
  • Will deliver up to 100 miles one way
  • Delivered & unloaded at your door

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