About Us

Fornengo Forest Products uses a whole tree harvest and cut-to-length system. Virtually all of the tree is used to create a product during the harvest. This makes for a cleaner site after harvest and also gives the landowners extra dollars in their pockets. Even the tops (crowns) of the trees are utilized from 4" on and down, to be chipped for biomass for power plants and landscaping.

Our company does traditional aspen harvests which help create a good wildlife habitat for deer and grouse, but we do thinning in pine and spruce, as well. We also have the expertise and equipment to do thinning and shelter wood cuts in oak and northern hardwood stands. Shelter wood cuts are meant to induce natural regeneration from the seed trees left on site. During this thinning, the primary goal is to weed out the poorer trees to produce more quality growth on the remaining quality crop trees, which are left on site to grow.

These forest management prescriptions and techniques are done in a biologically sound manner as stipulated by the private land's forester.